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We’re pleased to share some good news from the recently-released 2010 Smile Survey, the latest statewide assessment of children’s oral health in Washington. It shows that children’s oral health in Washington is improving, but further work remains. Key results include:

  • Fewer low-income preschoolers are suffering from tooth decay (cavities)
  • Fewer children have untreated tooth decay, an indication that access to care has increased
  • Disparities still persist — low-income and minority children suffer from the highest rates of tooth decay

Efforts to improve oral health in Washington are making a difference. Still, further work remains. Too many children still suffer from preventable tooth decay.

Download our brief 2010 Smile Survey overview (PDF) to learn more.

Conducted every five years by the Washington State Department of Health, the Smile Survey evaluates the oral health of Head Start, and preschool and elementary school children.

Visit the Department of Health website and click on Health Data – Oral Health to download the full report “Smile Survey 2010 The Oral Health of Washington’s Children” and see previous surveys.

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