Oral Health Watch

It’s time to put the mouth back into the body.

What happens in the mouth can affect overall health and general wellbeing. Bacterial infections caused by tooth decay and gum disease can lead to serious health problems and needless suffering. Painful cavities and visible decay also can impact employment opportunities, school attendance, nutrition, self-esteem and how people relate to one another.

Unfortunately, too many in Washington state are unable to get the preventive oral health care and early treatment needed to lead healthier and more productive lives. Oral Health Watch advocates for sustainable and proven-effective steps to increase dental care access because oral health is a necessary part of health, prevention is preferable to treating disease, and no one should be burdened with avoidable pain.

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Oral Health Watch does not provide dental care and cannot provide direct referrals. To find dental care in your area, please visit our resources page. Please contact Oral Health Watch for more information about our programs and oral health in Washington State