Health equity begins with good oral health - Oral Health Watch

Good oral health represents more than a nice smile. The health of a person’s mouth provides a window into their overall health and general well-being. Bacterial infections that cause cavities and gum disease can lead to burdensome medical expenses, health complications and pain. Visible decay and missing teeth also can impact employment opportunities, nutrition, self-esteem and how people relate to you.

Unfortunately, poor oral health and dental disease disproportionately affect lower-income households, communities of color, older adults on fixed incomes and people living rural areas. Oral Health Watch advocates for programs and policies that promote good oral health and overall health because everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of good oral health and good oral health is a critical part of achieving health equity.

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Oral Health Watch does not provide dental care and cannot provide direct referrals. To find dental care in your area, please visit our resources page. Please contact Oral Health Watch for more information about our programs and oral health in Washington State