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Oral Health Facts

The following provide facts and information about the status of oral health in Washington.

Children’s Oral Health

  • Washington’s 2015-16 Smile Survey is the latest statewide assessment of children’s oral health.  It shows that children’s oral health in Washington is improving, but further work remains to address racial, ethnic and socio-economic inequities. Learn more from our 2015-16 Smile Survey overview and the full report.
  • Over the last two decades, the rate of Medicaid insured children under age 6 receiving dental has more than doubled, from 22% to 43%, and children are being seen earlier before disease starts. Learn more from our ABCD program fact sheet.

Senior’s Oral Health

  • Only about half of Washington seniors see a dentist each year, and disparities are significant by income and race/ethnicity.  Learn more from a recent survey of Washington seniors.

Community Water Fluoridation

  • About three-quarters of the country receive the health benefits of fluoridated water.  In Washington state, only about 56 percent of residents receive optimally fluoridated drinking water. Learn more from our fluoridation fact sheet.

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