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Good oral health is essential for children to thrive.

Cavities remain the most common chronic illness for young kids, impacting school attendance, behavior, speech patterns, sleep, nutrition and a child’s ability to flourish. The consequences of tooth loss and untreated cavities in childhood can affect future success and satisfaction with one’s life into adulthood.

Good oral health is a vital component of children’s health, general wellbeing, and their ability to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Studies show that children who experience tooth decay in their primary teeth are more likely to have cavities as adults, impacting their oral health and overall health for a lifetime. When young children have access to preventive oral health care and early treatment, it sets them on a path of healthy living.

Oral Health Watch advocates for lawmakers to deepen investments in the Apple Health children’s dental program to ensure more kids can enjoy the benefits of good oral health. Tooth decay doesn’t have to be a part of growing up and a cavity-free childhood is achievable when kids can access preventive public health measures like water fluoridation and regular oral health care.

To find an Access to Baby & Child Dentistry program dentist near you, click here.

Follow this link to tell legislators to deepen investments in the Apple Health children’s dental program because every child deserves an opportunity to thrive.

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