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Healthy aging includes good oral health

Thanks in large part to water fluoridation and dental care advances, older adults are retaining more of their original teeth than previous generations. Unfortunately, Medicare does not include routine dental care, forcing many older adults to pay out of pocket for essential oral health care or forego care altogether.

Oral Health Watch supports efforts to expand dental care access for senior citizens and raise public awareness of the importance of maintaining good oral health in retirement. Providing older adults access to essential dental care and community water fluoridation improves overall health and quality of life.

Click here to tell legislators that you support dental care coverage for seniors and preventive public health measures like water fluoridation that promote lifelong good oral health for older adults.

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Oral Health Watch does not provide dental care and cannot provide direct referrals. To find dental care in your area, please visit our resources page. Please contact Oral Health Watch for more information about our programs and oral health in Washington State