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A healthy body includes a healthy mouth

Oral health is essential to general health and wellbeing. Infections in the mouth have been shown to affect diabetes, pregnancy, heart health, stroke and can lower a body’s resistance to infection. That is why concerned dental, medical, labor and business organizations, social service organizations and health advocates have joined together to promote wise investments that aim to improve oral – and overall – health for all people living in Washington state.

Oral Health Watch supports smart investments that promote access to oral health care like the Apple Health Adult Dental program, proven-effective strategies like community water fluoridation, and innovative approaches to reduce oral health disparities like the Access to Baby and Child Dentistry program. We are working toward a future where everyone in Washington state has access to essential preventive dental care and early treatment regardless of income level, geography, race or ethnicity because good oral health is fundamental to health.

Oral Health Watch supports policies and programs that advance health equity, reduce health disparities and recognize the essential role oral health plays in overall health.

  • We urge lawmakers to continue their support of the Apple Health Adult Dental program. It is good health policy and the right thing to do.
  • We champion proven-effective, cost-effective efforts that prevent cavities and oral disease like school sealant programs and community water fluoridation.
  • We continue to advocate for the sustained support of innovative practices like the Access to Baby and Child Dentistry program, which connects children with Apple Health coverage with oral health care providers in their community and offers dentists an introduction to participating in the Apple Health dental program, and the Oral Health Connections pilot, which shows promise in expanding dental care access for adults facing the greatest need.
  • We support efforts to build a more representative oral health workforce to meet current needs and to prepare for increased demand as the state’s population grows and ages.
  • Oral Health Watch supports outreach programs that educate people on the benefits of prevention and the importance of good oral health.
  • We urge lawmakers to explore ways to expand dental care access for vulnerable and underserved populations facing the greatest needs, including senior citizens, children and adults living in underserved and rural areas, and BIPOC communities.

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Oral Health Watch does not provide dental care and cannot provide direct referrals. To find dental care in your area, please visit our resources page. Please contact Oral Health Watch for more information about our programs and oral health in Washington State