Ask legislators to restore dental coverage for low-income adults - Oral Health Watch

The revenue forecast has been released and legislators are putting together their preliminary budgets.

Now is the time to send a message to legislators:  Click here for a simple tool to find your legislators and urge them to restore dental coverage for low-income adults.

More than 450,000 Medicaid-eligible adults lost dental coverage due to state budget cuts in 2011.  It is time to reverse that “forced error.”

Too often the seriousness of dental problems is overlooked, as if the mouth is somehow disconnected from the body.  But oral health is essential to overall health.

Dental care is also an economic issue because low-income adults can’t get jobs if they are in pain or have obvious dental decay.  In addition, people suffering from the extreme pain of a toothache will seek expensive ER care, if they can’t get care in a dental chair.  This drives up healthcare costs for taxpayers.

Email your legislators today and tell them providing dental care for low-income adult is the right thing to do.


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