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Secure Medicaid Adult Dental Coverage in Your State

Medicaid Expansion Presents an Opportunity to Secure Dental Coverage for Low-Income Adults In Washington State, the Medicaid adult dental program was largely eliminated in 2011 due to budget shortfalls.  Thanks to action by the Washington State Legislature, coverage was restored January 1, 2014. Arcora Foundation and its many partners successfully advocated for the restoration of…

KING 5 story: Not funding adult dental care ‘is backfiring’

KING 5 in Seattle recently aired a story on the consequences of the Legislature’s decision to eliminate dental care for low-income adults. State funding for dental care was cut in 2011 and as a result more than 450,000 low-income adults in our state are denied the dental care they need to remain healthy. The KING…

The Health Home – An Opportunity to Curb Oral Disease, Improve Health and Reduce Costs

Good oral health is critical to overall health and high quality and cost efficient systems of care must address oral health. Why? There is clear evidence that periodontal disease – a common, chronic dental disease that causes inflammation and eventually leads to tooth loss – is linked to other chronic diseases, including heart disease, stroke,…

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