Diabetes Association and WDS Foundation partner on ad campaign - Oral Health Watch

The American Diabetes Association of Washington and Arcora Foundation are teaming up on a statewide ad campaign to emphasize the importance of oral health for people with diabetes.

There are more than 400,000 people with diabetes in Washington and nearly one million more have prediabetes.  The goal of the ad campaign is to raise awareness that preventing oral disease is an important step to help people manage their diabetes.

The radio ads, which start this week and coincide with American Diabetes Month in November, explain that people with diabetes are especially vulnerable to poor oral health.  Untreated gum disease can exacerbate diabetes and lead to costly diabetic complications. Patients with diabetes can find it hard to control their blood sugar when they have inflamed and infected gums.

About 60,000 people – 12 percent of the state’s Medicaid-eligible adults – have diabetes. The state can save money by ensuring that Medicaid-insured people with diabetes have access to dental care and receive other assistance to help manage their disease.

Listen to the ads here.

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