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The Governor’s proposed supplemental budget eliminates all non-emergency dental care for eligible Medicaid-insured adults ($8.6 million). 

Pregnant women enrolled in Medicaid would lose dental coverage.  Poor oral health can lead to complications with pregnancy.  In addition, mothers can pass the bacteria that cause dental disease to their babies. Nearly half of all births in Washington are paid for by Medicaid so preventing dental disease in pregnant women can promote safer pregnancies and lead to better oral health for thousands of children.

Oral Health Care for Pregnant Women = Early prevention and cost savings

Vulnerable seniors and people with developmental disabilities would lose dental coverage. Older adults in nursing homes and long-term care who are enrolled in Medicaid would lose dental care which is important for healthy aging. People with developmental disabilities would also lose coverage for essential dental care.

Oral health is an essential part of overall health                                           

Tell legislators to make a wise choice and protect oral health.

Families, businesses and taxpayers benefit when oral health is a priority.  If people have access to dental care they are not forced to obtain expensive treatment in hospitals and emergency rooms.   

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Let’s save dental coverage for Wa.’s most vulnerable.  Good oral health means better overall health and saves money.

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