Importance of Dental Care For Pregnant Women Highlighted in Radio Interview - Oral Health Watch

Dr. Eve Rutherford, an Arcora Foundation board member, was recently interviewed by KMPS radio reporter Stephen Kilbreath. Dr. Rutherford is a dentist and strong advocate for dental care for vulnerable populations. In the interview, Dr. Rutherford emphasizes the value of dental care, especially for low-income Washingtonians — including pregnant women — and potential cuts to state funding. 

Click here to listen to the interview.

Dr. Rutherford points out that dental disease is an infectious disease and the bacteria that cause tooth decay are often transmitted from moms to babies. Dental care during pregnancy can promote healthier pregnancies and lead to better oral health for thousands of mothers and their children.

Preventing dental disease and treating problems early before they become expensive to treat or require costly emergency room care is a smart investment that saves money for taxpayers.

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