Oral Health Supporters Gather in Olympia - Oral Health Watch

Support for lasting solutions that improve oral health – and overall health – for people in Washington state remains strong.

The Oral Health Watch Coalition gathered on January 14th for a legislative kick-off lunch. More than 40 attendees representing business, child advocacy, education, government, faith-based, medical, and seniors-focused organizations shared their upcoming legislative goals and heard from keynote speaker Dr. Bob Crittenden.

Crittenden is Senior Health Policy Advisor to Gov. Inslee and a family physician who treated underserved communities in Seattle’s central and southeast neighborhoods for nearly three decades. He recalled that affordable access to oral health care was a widespread need among his patients.

Crittenden stated that oral health and behavioral health must be further integrated into health policies to ensure overall health. The benefits of access to oral health care go beyond wellness and a healthy smile, he added, affecting a person’s employment opportunities and ability to provide for their family.  According to Crittenden, dental problems are among the biggest differentiators in income and class today.

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