People are speaking out: Fund Dental Care for Low-Income Adults - Oral Health Watch

The support for restoring dental care for low-income adults in Washington continues to build. More than 450,000 people lost dental coverage due to state budget cuts in 2011.

Recent columns in newspapers across the state specify numerous reasons why funding dental care is a smart investment for the state.  Preventing dental disease saves money, improves health and keeps people away from expensive ER and hospital care. It is difficult for people to get a job if they are in pain or have obvious dental problems.

Read the columns and then send a message to legislators.

Restoring dental care is a wise decision and the right thing to do.

Editorial in the Everett Herald, Mar. 28

“Giving teeth to Medicaid”


Op-ed in the Yakima Herald Republic, Mar. 31

“Dental care funds benefit state patients and taxpayers”


Op-ed in the Vancouver Columbian, Mar. 31

“State can restore dental care for low-income”


Op-ed in the Bellingham Herald, April 1

“Restoring state adult dental care would save money, improve care”



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