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Our state legislators have acknowledged the importance of oral health by including some funding in their budget proposals to restore dental coverage for low-income adults. Urge legislators to approve the House level of funding, which fully restores dental coverage for Medicaid-insured adults, including essential procedures like fillings and root canals.

Early dental care, such as fixing cavities, can prevent minor problems from turning into major health issues that are more expensive to treat. Without this crucial early care, people with dental pain will have few options other than getting their teeth pulled. They will still turn to ERs for pain relief, driving up healthcare costs for everyone.

Legislators need to restore dental coverage for low-income adults with a general fund allocation of $23.9 million in the 2013-15 budget. Urge legislators to approve the House level of funding.

It’s hard for people to get jobs if they are in pain or have bad teeth. Dental care for low-income adults improves health and reduces healthcare costs.

It is a good investment and the right thing to do.

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