Ad campaign underway to promote kids’ oral health - Oral Health Watch

“…Even during tough times, it makes sense to prevent dental disease and keep all kids healthy.”   That’s the message that is being delivered in radio ads sponsored by Arcora Foundation now airing across the state.

The statewide advertising campaign is designed to raise awareness of kids’ oral health and urge continued support for programs to prevent children’s dental disease as prevention saves money for families, businesses and taxpayers.  Preventing dental disease also helps children avoid the pain of dental cavities.

The goal of the campaign is to emphasize the value of investing in programs that protect children’s oral and overall health.

The ad campaign started the week of Oct. 3 and will run through November.   Besides raising awareness of the importance of oral health and building support for children’s dental programs, the campaign will also drive audiences to the Oral Health Watch website for more details on specific policies and oral health initiatives.

The campaign is designed to reach audiences over the age of 35 who pay attention to policy issues.  The campaign is primarily focused on radio in the Puget Sound area and Spokane.  Much of the campaign will run on top-ranked news radio stations KOMO and KIRO.   Ads will also run on top-ranked music stations whose audiences consistently pay attention to news.   Online ads will also run on select news websites, including the Seattle Times, Spokane Spokesman-Review, Publicola, Crosscut and neighborhood news sites.

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