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Dental residencies aim to address dental access needs in Spokane

Spokesman-Review •

Nearly 12,000 low-income adults in Spokane County have trouble getting regular dental care, and many end up in hospital emergency departments with problems ranging from minor toothaches to life-threatening infections.

Consider the Evidence: Fluoride for healthy futures

Huffington Post •

As Americans are living longer, so, too, must our teeth, and scientific evidence overwhelmingly concurs that community water fluoridation is a vital component to sustaining our oral health and quality of life.

Thumbs Up: Arcora Foundation

The Daily News •

Quality, consistent dental health care is important to all people, but in particular to children, pregnant women and diabetes patients.

Oral health important for older adults

US News & World Reports •

In the past, losing teeth and getting dentures was considered an almost-inevitable part of aging. Those days are over.

San Jose embraces fluoridation, years behind other Bay Area cities

The Mercury News •

San Jose – the nation’s biggest city without fluoride in its drinking water – finally will begin to receive the additive. The move comes several years after a push by dentists, the Santa Clara County Public Health Department and others, who contend that fluoride can help reduce high rates of cavities.

Many lower-income households rely on Medicaid coverage for kids

Kaiser Health News •

Lower income parents who have health insurance through their employers are increasingly like to forgo family coverage and enroll their kids in Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) instead, a new study found.

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