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Ad campaign underway to promote kids’ oral health

“…Even during tough times, it makes sense to prevent dental disease and keep all kids healthy.”   That’s the message that is being delivered in radio ads sponsored by Arcora Foundation now airing across the state. The statewide advertising campaign is designed to raise awareness of kids’ oral health and urge continued support for programs to…

National report highlights access to oral health care as a critical problem

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) just released a report concluding that too many Americans lack access to oral health care, which can have serious consequences for overall health.  To address the problem, the IOM recommends that oral health be integrated into overall health care and that advocacy be used to help shape policies that will…

2011 session – a few bright spots, more work is needed

We all know the 2011 legislative session was difficult.  Due to declining revenues, budget cuts were extensive.  Many programs to protect the health of vulnerable residents were affected.  At the same time there were few bright spots that demonstrate the value of advocacy and hard work.  Thanks to everyone who spoke out about the importance…

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